SoilSenseQ Hydrocarbon Sensors

Better data for better remediation strategies

Whether it’s an active clean-up or passive monitoring, you have real-time data to support project decisions 

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Hydrocarbon concentration Hydrocarbon movement Hydrocarbon depletion Hydrocarbon vapours Barometric pressure Temperature Humidity Biological activity Oxygen content Organochlorines

A shift from snapshots to storytelling about your site

Manage your legacy sites

Know the status of your contaminated plume today and how much longer it will last.

Monitor your active sites

Detect a spill on site or know if site clean-up is on track.


Understand when remediation is necessary and communicate to stakeholders.

Manage your sites like never before

Designed for remote or urban locations

The SoilSenseQ sensors are durable and designed to work in remote or populated areas.

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Get your land back to clean faster

Bio-remediation solutions tailored to your site

SoilSenseQ sensors can be used hand-in-hand with our Optimizer© and Distributor© bio-remediation solutions.


Distributor© is a compact, solar-powered remediation device that delivers and distributes BioLodestone to your contaminated site.


BioLodestone is a tailored blend of macro- and micronutrients for your specific site. These nutrients accelerate the growth of the site microorganism that use hydrocarbons as a food source

Pipelines Pipeline service companies Refineries
Consulting groups
Barometric pressure
Agriculture companies
Manufacturing companies
Service stations

Talk to us about how to pair SoilSenseQ sensors with our Optimizer© and Distributor© bio-remediation solutions.